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Fit Pregnancy Program

All women want to deliver a healthy baby, and part of doing that is keeping healthy themselves. Studies show that women who exercise during pregnancy avoid pregnancy weight gain, experience shorter labor and shorten recovery time.

Fit Pregnancy - Why It's Important

When a woman is pregnant, her entire body goes through a metabolic change. Sure her belly gets bigger, that's obvious. But weight gain during pregnancy is only one of the challenges facing a pregnant woman. Did you know the same protein your body releases to stretch the ligaments in your pelvic area also have the same effects on the rest of the joints in your body? That is why pregnant women complain of wrist pain and weakness, hip pain and weakness and ankle pain and weakness. Women may also experience swelling in those areas. The risk for injury to your wrists, ankles and low back increases during this time.

As the baby grows in utero, more is expected from your low back. That is why low back pain is the number one complaint of pregnant women, especially first trimester back pain.

How our healthy pregnancy program helps maintain fitness during pregnancy

The therapists at North South Physical Therapy have developed a program for prenatal fitness that takes all the above complaints and wraps it into one preventative pregnancy fitness program. Depending on the restrictions of your OB/Gyn, you will be offered a pregnancy exercise program that includes stretches for your entire body, strengthening exercises to maintain muscle tone, and most importantly, endurance and cardio exercises to keep your heart rate up, and help guard against pregnancy weight gain. What reassures a lot of the women who enter our program is the fact that they will be monitored by a trained therapist while doing their pregnancy exercises. As new complaints or aches arise, women feel like they can get immediate responses.

Women who have tried our prenatal fitness program for the first time with their second or third pregnancy wished they done it on the first one! Most women on the program say they slept better, and that their body was more prepared to handle the stresses of the delivery. This program is perfect for all pregnant women, from the amateur athlete to the more advanced Gym goer.

Most insurance plans will cover the treatment for up to eight weeks. If you would like to stay on after your benefits are exhausted, we have monthly plans available for you to use our gym and be supervise by the therapists as well.

If you or someone you know may benefit from our prenatal exercise program, please feel free to call the nearest NSPT office closest to you, and speak to a therapist.

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