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Lifetime Fitness Program in a Medically Based Gym

A lifetime fitness routine can be a challenge if you want to stay motivated, especially considering the atmosphere at health clubs. But don't let intimidation keep you from joining a fitness center. The benefits of a regular gym workout - both mental and physical - are well documented.

Fitness Centers Have a Downside

The local fitness center can be an overcrowded, scary place, with staff that doesn't seem to know you exist, and intense classes like spinning and kickboxing filled with buff, spandex-clad athletes. Many a health club do not have a ceiling on memberships, so their staff-to-client ratio is high, so unless you pay the extra expense for a personal trainer, you will probably not get the supervision you need.

How physical therapists can help you meet your lifetime fitness goals

Physical therapists at North South Physical Therapy help people become rehabilitated from their injuries, but hopefully, discharge them in better shape than before they were injured. Many of our patients enjoy the atmosphere of exercising in our facilities, and decide to join our gym on a monthly basis.

The luxury of exercising with a licensed physical therapist is not a feature you can find at health and fitness clubs. North South Physical Therapy is not like a health club franchise: our physical therapists are trained health care professionals, who will tailor your routine to your goals and will supervise you throughout each workout. We have ample exercise equipment and our flexible hours make it easy for people to get their daily workouts in. We also have ice packs available for after your workouts.

If you would like to join one of our facilities on a monthly basis, feel free to contact the clinic nearest you and speak to one of our therapists.

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