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Doctor and Patient Reviews

Physicians from many hospitals refer their patients to North South Physical Therapy. Patients also come in on their own, after visiting our website. Most times, after an evaluation, patients will get a Doctor's prescription for physical therapy. Patients are generally surprised that their insurance would cover treatments. A few of these physicians and clients have agreed to share their experience with North South Physical Therapy.

We recently spoke to Dr.Steven Dakoyiannis, M.D., F.A.C.O.G., an obstetrician who practices out of Melrose-Wakefield Hospital. Dr. Dakoyannis has been faithfully sending his patients to our clinics for the past five years.

Why would pregnant women benefit from physical therapy?
First, I must say, my patients get excited when I recommend physical therapy for their aches and pains. Many pregnant women have muscle aches, strains, and ligaments that are stretched, contributing to lower back and pelvic discomfort. They welcome a trial of something that may help alleviate some of these uncomfortable conditions.

What feedback have you gotten from the patients you have referred to North South Physical Therapy?

I have had a tremendous and positive response from my pre-natal patients in regards to their treatments and experiences at North South Physical Therapy. I have tried other physical therapy clinics in the past for my patients, but the pre-natal program at North South Physical Therapy seems to give far more superior results than any of those other physical therapy practices. All of the patients that have been treated at North South Physical Therapy have had a reduction in their discomfort. They all have given me positive feedback regarding the staff as well. I am very pleased with the results, and I am happy that I now have an option for many of my patients who are pregnant with physical discomfort.

Would you recommend physical therapy as an option to your peers, when their patients suffer the traditional aches and pains the accompany pregnancy?

I would definitely recommend physical therapy as a safe, effective option for any of my peer Obstetricians or midwives who care for pregnant patients. It can be very useful in reducing the aches, pains and strains that go along with most pregnancies. I am surprised that many doctors do not utilize physical therapy as a therapeutic option, but I think that it stems from the fact that most clinics offer treatments that have not been effective in the past. North South Physical Therapy has a great prenatal program, and I would recommend (and have recommended)it to many of my peers.

Doctor Reviews

I refer all my patients to the North South Physical Therapy clinics. The feedback I get from the patients is always positive. The gains they make while at North South PT is always far superior than other clinics I have used in the past.
-Dr. May Q. Wells

Patient Reviews

After I broke my leg in a fall, I was afraid I would reinjure myself. I was able to follow a rehab program at North South Physical Therapy that made me feel safe while I was growing stronger. Each step of the program I became more confident and am now able to resume my normal activity. I can't thank them enough!
-Dave Armstrong

It's been my goal to improve my golf game for a number of years. This year I decided to get professional advice on a training program so that I could play better golf and avoid injuries. It's been the best year ever thanks to the team at North South Physical Therapy. The stretches they gave me help, and I recover quicker after I play 18 holes!
-A satisfied patient!

They are the most professional and caring people that I know.
-Kellie D.

These guys are great and very friendly hands down 5 star service. They helped me come a long way. Thank you for everything.
-Daniel S.

I'd like to express my heartfelt thank you to all the staff at Broadway PT in Revere for going above and beyond excellent therapeutic recuperation of my physical and emotional conditions. I felt I was amongst friends and family that helped me through a difficult time. You all are largely responsible for restoring both physical and emotional damages from my accidental injury. I am back to work and I thank you.
-Robert M.

Hello Boston my name is Carlos M. Because of a motor vehicle accident I had the opportunity to opt for physical therapy services at North South Physical Therapy. I can testify that the quality and the service of each one of the staff has been excellent and I feel much better. I can assure you that you won't find any other services or better quality at any other facility, so I invite you to treat (if needed) where quality is always a must. God Bless
-Carlos M.

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