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What is Tennis Elbow and Golf Elbow?

Tennis elbow and golf elbow are both muscle inflammation conditions caused by trauma or more commonly, by repetitive strain injury. The muscles on the inside of the forearm and elbow are affected in golf elbow and on the outside in tennis elbow.

Symptoms of Tennis Elbow and Golf Elbow

Pains or pins-and-needles on either outside of your elbow (tennis elbow) or the inside of your elbow (golf elbow) are symptoms of tennis elbow and golf elbow. The muscles of the elbow tend to be sore, weak and on occasion, swelling may occur. Patients with golf and tennis elbow also have a difficult time doing things like holding a cup of coffee, turning a doorknob, throwing a baseball and opening a jar.

How we can help with tennis elbow treatment and treatment for golf elbow

Tennis elbow exercises and golf elbow exercises are essentially the same for opposite sides of the elbow. Physical therapy may include ultrasound, cryotherapy and massage to help alleviate the pain and decrease the inflammation. In some cases, tennis elbow treatment options include an anti-inflammatory such as dexamethasone, or tennis elbow braces. Your primary care doctor or our physician will prescribe these remedies if necessary.

Tennis elbow exercise and exercises for golf elbow include both stretching and strengthening exercises. Exercises for tennis elbow and golf elbow will be taught and performed in a specific sequence to make sure that the injured muscles recover in an appropriate manner.

If you or someone you know suffers from, or shows signs of, tennis elbow injury or golf elbow injury call the North South Physical Therapy office closest to you and talk to one of our licensed physical therapists. Your primary care doctor or our physician may need to provide a referral to activate your health-care benefits.

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