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Weight Loss Program

Looking for a weight loss program? These days, the media is inundated with weight loss products, diets and crazy weight loss programs that claim instant success. At North South Physical Therapy, we believe that long-term, natural weight loss can only be achieved through exercise and a healthy diet.

Sounds simple, right? But everyone knows that losing weight is just not that easy. It takes motivation and support. The medical term for these programs is bariatric treatment.

The risks of NOT losing weight

Being a healthy weight is about much more than looking good. Obesity statistics show that adult onset diabetes, increased risks for cancer, heart attacks and strokes, not to mention rising life insurance rates, are all in part attributed to being overweight.

How our bariatric program can help you achieve effective weight loss

At North South, we understand that not everyone is comfortable joining a gym, especially if they have never worked out before. Personal trainers are expensive, and may not have the extensive medical knowledge of licensed physical therapists. That's why we've devised an effective weight loss program that will help even novice exercisers enjoy working out. Our job is to put you through the program and monitor your progress, week to week. We will offer encouragement so that you can do that extra minute on the treadmill or the extra rep with the dumbbell. Most importantly, we will teach you the right way to exercise, so that when you go on to join a traditional gym; you will do so with confidence.

If you, or someone you know, would like to learn more about our weight loss program, please contact the North South Physical Therapy Clinic nearest you, and ask to speak to a therapist. Most insurance plans will cover at least eight weeks of conditioning with a prescription from your primary care physician. Private payers are also welcome.

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